3 in 1 Ezysafe Can Opener

Ezysafe® can opener 3 in 1 was developed by popular demand to battle the problem of opening jars with tin lids. This model makes that so easy with a simple lift and you remove the vacuum that is inside the jar. It is still the same great ezysafe® can opener and it also incorporates a bottle opener to put it all into 1 great compact unit that is always found in the kitchen

Can Opener Operation instructions 

Grip holding handle, and place it’s base flat on top of the can lid with the griping wheel on the inner side of the can lid seam. Now turn handle in a clockwise direction while keeping the base of the can flat on the bench surface. Do not push hard downward on to the bench. Also do not hold large cans above the bench while opening it. This may damage the wheels and make it hard to turn. You will feel when you have finished cutting the lid seam. Now turn handle backwards in a anti clockwise direction to release the cutting wheel from the lid seam. This is most important. If you pull it off the can before releasing the cutting wheel you will rapidly damage the cutting mechanism. You can now lift the lid from the can and see there is no sharp edges on the top of the can or on the lid. The lid can be used to put back on the can when storing in the fridge or serving on the BBQ table. Re-use the cans around the house or shed Left handed people simply reverse the above by holding in the right hand and turning  towards you. The best left handed can opener in the world!!!

Care and Maintenance

DO NOT Put your can opener in the dishwasher or submerge it, just wipe it off with a damp cloth or old toothbrush. They do not come in contact with the food and you very rarely get spillage so they do not get dirty Treat your can opener with the above respect and it will last you in the region of 1000 - 1500 cans. That’s years of use and safe cans

 Jar Opener Operation instructions

On handle there is a small ridge on the bottom and 2 large ridges. Hold onto the turning handle and the centre. Slide the small ridge under the bottom of the tin lid and the 2 large ridges will sit on top of the tin lid. Now slowly push towards the jar and up. You will hear the air release and the lid will easily screw off. Caution If you lift up too far you will bend the lid out off shape

Bottle opener Operations instruction

In the centre section of the opener there is now a metal plate opposite the cutting wheels. Place this plate under the bottle top and lift up by handle.

Great Gift Idea

Buy a can with a pull tab on it. Open the can with the can opener, not the pull tab. Wash the can and the lid. Buy a gift smaller than the tin can and place It inside the empty can. Now super glue the lid back on the can with the gift inside. Be careful not to use to much glue so it does not drip onto the gift inside. Decorate the can on the out side and you have a very unique way of presenting your gift at Xmas, Easter time or any special event To open the gift just pull the pull tab

Top Quality Jar and Can Openers Australia

If you’ve been searching for something to help you gain access to your canned food safely and easily, you’re most definitely in the right place. We know how frustrating and dangerous it may prove to be using a poorly-made can opener, struggling to make its way around the top and leaving you with less than desirable results. Whether it’s half-open and in need of extra work with a fork or knife, or perhaps it did actually get through it all but the edges of the lid or can are razor sharp and ready to draw blood, it’s just not good enough for any product to provide such terrible results.

The best prices for everything from battery to jar lid openers and much more

At BJ Enterprises, we’re proud to be able to provide Australia and customers worldwide with a fantastic solution that’s not only safe but simple to use. Our Ezysafe range includes not only the popular manually-operated option but also a jar lid opener and even a battery can opener! Australia is where we’re based, but for those of you who are in different countries, you’ll be happy to know we also ship globally. So no matter where you are, we’ll ship these innovative products that work for both left- and right-handed users directly to you.

We have made sure that our prices are as low as possible, and with such a great selection of items, you’re able to pick up a whole lot of innovative homewares in one convenient place. Whether you’re in need of something to assist in opening jar lids, a battery operated tin opening device, or one of the many other products we have available feel safe you’re getting top quality when you order from us.

Providing more than just manual and battery-powered solutions for cans and jars

Our range also covers everything from collapsible, space-saving products to lids for sealing in freshness and more delivered to your door around Australia and the rest of the world. Contact us today if you have any questions.


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