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Collapsible Tubs and Buckets

The Truth About Collapsible Tubs and Buckets

Posted by Bryce Jenkins on

The Truth About Collapsible Tubs and Buckets

Collapsible Buckets and Tubs  Collapsible kitchenware has been in our product range for about 8 years now where we started with a set of 3 collapsible plastic bowls and they were very popular. Over the years we worked our way away from home shows and started doing more and more caravan shows which is when we added to our range of collapsible kitchenware and also getting into silicone collapsible bowls and silicone collapsible containers. They are a lot more hard wearing than plastic and very food safe as well, BPA free. Silicone collapsible kitchenware is microwave, fridge, freezer and dish...

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