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2015 saw the regestration of our ezysafe trademark and a new logo

We started 3 models of can openers under the ezysafe trade mark. Our first model, the ezysafe can opener. Our second model the 3 in 1 ezysafe can opener. Our Battery ezysafe can opener

Now we have the ezysafe collapsible rectangle containers, the ezysafe collapsible square containers and the ezysafe round containers. Also Ezysafe Bag Sealer sticks, our ezysafe pot and a set of bowls

In the coming year and future years we have planes to build on the ezysafe products and our hope, with your help, is that it becomes a household name. 

So when you think collapsible compact innovative kitchenware think EZYSAFE

Space Saving Collapsible Bowl for Salad and More

The more kitchenware we collect, the less space we have to store it all. Over the years, we seem to accumulate a huge amount of items such as measuring cups, pots, and lots of other potentially bulky products. Eventually, our cupboards are overflowing with stuff, so much so that it’s hard to fit anything more. If this sounds like you, you will most definitely benefit from one or more of the collapsible items we have available for sale. These are also perfect for people who love camping and therefore need to savour space as much as possible.


Offering salad bowls, kettles and many more collapsible items

In our collection of collapsible products, you’ll find so much to choose from. We have everything from a salad bowl to measuring cups, a kettle and a bucket plus a whole lot more. All of the items you see here have been designed and manufactured with quality as a key focus, as well as their ability to take up as little amount of room as possible.

Providing a lot more than collapsible products

On top of the bowls and other items you see here, we also offer a range of collapsible containers plus silicone suction lids and plenty more. You’ll notice that our prices are incredibly competitive, as we believe that premium quality products shouldn’t require a price tag to match.

Get in touch with us today for further information

Please use our contact form online to ask us any questions you may have regarding these or any of the other products we have for sale, and we’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. We gladly ship not just in Australia but all around the globe, so whether you’re in Sydney or Singapore, or anywhere in between, you can take advantage of our amazing prices.


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I have both the EziSeal lids and the Fresh Lids. I would not be without them. I use them every day.


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