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Anti Spill Lids

The anti spill lid or spill stopper is slightly dished and made from silicone with flower type vent in the middle, which can turn to open or close. Also known as the Kochblume lid. The design is a great way to stop any liquid from boiling and does not spill anywhere but goes back into the pot. The silicone centre vent is soft and flexible so when the liquid boils over it goes up into the dish shaped area and stays near the centre to return back into the pot. Place on the top of the pot and it’s that simple! The lid made from food safe, BPA FREE, silicone fits perfectly onto the pot rim. Over-boiling liquid is kept within the anti spill lid and return into the saucepan. Ideal for milk, pasta, rice or anything which is prone to boil overs - it works! The anti spill lid can also double as a microwave cover and works in the same way to prevent spill overs. Also turn the centre to open and use it as a steamer on top of a pot. It can be a bowl cover and trivet as well. 26cm in diameter. Comes in 4 vibirant colors. Purple, Red, Blue, Green