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Anti Spill Lid Green

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Anti Spill Lid Green

The Anti spill Lid Green is 26cm diameter and ideal for covering boiling pots so that you never have to worry about it boiling over. Ever made pasta or spaghetti, you know exactly what we're talking about. Its of silicone design and perfect for handling the heat and the lid can be used in many other creative ways.

  • Silicone Anti spill Lid Green, spill stopper, similar to Kochblume
  • Anti boil over
  • 100% food grade silicone material. BPA FREE
  • Easy to clean, Anti spill Lid Green is non-stick.
  • High and low temperature, up to 230 ℃, down to -40 ℃.
  • Can be placed in the dishwasher, also can be placed in the microwave, oven, refrigerator freezer.
  • Anti spill Lid Green Helps prevent spills and messy overflows
  • Fits pots and pans from 14cm – 24cm
  • Made with durable heat-resistant silicone
  • Help keep stove-tops cleaner longer
  • Ideal to use when cooking pasta starch-based foods and dairy products
  • 26cm diameter
  • Use Anti spill Lid Green for deep frying, microwave lid, steamer and much more!
  • Can be used as a trivet on the table or bench

Anti Spill Lid Green

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