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Caravan Accessories

Caravan Accessories are fast becoming the most popular items on our web site. This collection comprises of the most unique and sort after caravan accessories on the market today. Her you will find all sorts of items specific to the caravan and awning its self. Caravan accessories listed here are not available in most camping shops and are sure to make your next caravan trip a pleasure. So, no matter what brand of caravan or how old your caravan is, you will find something in this caravan accessories collection that will make life that little bit easier. Pegs and Sets of Pegs. We have many items that are very handy around the caravan awning such as an assortment of bang in pegs, both steel pegs and polycarbonate pegs. Also screw in pegs for hard ground and also for sand. There are specific sets that will give you enough to anchor down your caravan awning and ground mat. Also, a set just to tie down your caravan awning with guy ropes included. A set with plates to go over your caravan awning legs. 2 types of ratchet tie downs are available to tie the awning down to the pegs you have selected. Don’t forget the awning mat anchors also that are specific to clamp over the side of the ground mat and hold it in place. Anti-Flap Kit, Tarp Clips and Bungee’s. Anti-Flap kits will help to stop your awning from flapping around in the wind and put less stress on the whole unit. In this section there are different types of tarp clips that you can attach to the awning and walls to stop them blowing around in the wind. The Easyklip is probably the most affective and the Easyklip just does not let go ones attached. In conjunction with the Easyklip there are sets of safe to use bungee cords. Awning Accessories. Caravan Awning tie down clips are specially designed to hook over the barrel of the awning and gives you a very secure tie down point for the ratchet tie downs. There is a selection of hooks for hanging in the awning. 1 set of awning hooks slide into the awning barrel, the other awning hook simply hangs from any where you can put the awning hook over. If you are sick of tripping over the guy ropes there is a set of 6 guy rope markers that glow in the dark and regenerate in the day to glow yet another night. For those caravans that have a window right where the door opens there is a door latch extension so you can have the caravan door and the window open at the same time. Rain saver gutter kit is an Australian invention and really quit cool. It will turn the side flap of your awning into a gutter and collect the water into a bucket at one end, so no more flooded awnings. You can connect a hose to the bucket and send the water to where ever you want to. You can even send it into your water tanks and fill them up so you can stay camped where you are for longer. Other Gadgets. Also in our collection of Caravan accessories is a bin that can either be mounted in the caravan or on a tent pole in the caravan awning. A T level for the A frame of you caravan so you set it up flat. Great suction cups that will stay stuck to any flat surface like the shower, bathroom or kitchen. Gazebo savers, better known as marquee monkeys are very hard to find and work a treat on marquees when set up in rainy conditions. They support the corners so they don’t fill up with water and collapse. Finally in our line up we have a number of hose bags and cord bags and a multipurpose hand held hose reel. Hose bags are suitable for your water hoses and sullage hose, as well as your power cords.