Collapsible Bowls and Colanders | Collapsible Compact Caravan Accesories And Kitchenware

Collapsible Bowls and Colanders

Collapsible bowls and colanders are a must have for any caravan kitchen or house hold. All of these products will save you so much room when not in use. We have a set of 3 which incudes 2 bowls and 1 colander. There is a small colander and a large colander. All the colanders can be used as steamers but if that is what your after we do have a collapsible or folding steamer which fits into a range of pot sizes. Collapsible bowls can also be used as a handy dog bowl to take on walks. Collapsible bowls and collapsible colanders are a welcome addition to any size kitchen and absolutly essential if you are going caravaning or camping.