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Collapsible Steamer

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Collapsible steamer

The collapsible steamer is made from high grade stainless steel. The collapsible steamer can be used in pots for steaming vegetables, dim sims, seafood, and reheating. The collapsible steamer has fold out feet to raise it above the water for steaming. Fold away for storage. The center handle can be easily removed if you have larger food items. Fits any pot 13 cm and larger. It can double as a strainer or fruit bowl. The collapsible steamer is dishwasher safe. Steaming will retain 90% of the foods nutrients, so it is the healthiest way to cook. 

  • Its diameter collapsed is 13 cm, extended 23 cm
  • The height up is 18 cm, Down is 8 cm

Collapsible steamer