Collapsible Cookware | Collapsible Compact Caravan Accesories And Kitchenware

Collapsible Cookware

Collapsible cookware. Our collapsible pot is constructed from thick, durable silicone with a stainless steel, induction base. The lid is also stainless steel, glase and bakerlight. The colapsibe pot can be used on the stove top, in the oven as a casserole dish, baking cakes, and can double as a fruit bowl or salad bowl. Both the collapsible pot and our collapsible kettle can be used on electric, induction, or gas stove tops. The collapsible pot and collapsible kettle are both made from food grade silicone so they are BPA free and do not leach. Saveing around 60% in space collapsible kitchenware is perfect for the caravan or camper, also great for small kitchens and units.