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Ezysafe Collapsible Pot

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Ezysafe Collapsible Pot

HEAVY DUTY SILICONE, with glass lid

Ezysafe collapsible pot packs away to 6cm and up to 13cm when expaned. 2.5 L capacity. Safe to 240 deg c. No carcinogens, BPA Free, does not leach. 

Electrice stove top, Induction, gas and inside the oven. Yes you can use the ezysafe collapsible pot as a casserol dish as well as a pot. It can also double up as a salade bowl or fruit bowl when you are not cooking with the ezysafe collapsible pot.

Made of Food grade silicone, glass, bakerlite and stainless steel, it is usable upto 240 deg c. No carcinogens, BPA free and does not leach. The ezysafe collapsible pot collapses away to a fraction of the size, saveing you more than 60% of space.

Great for Caravaners, campers and travellers, also small units and kitchens where space is tight.

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