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Ezysafe Can and Jar Openers

The Ezysafe can openers leave no sharp edges and are very easy to use. The 3 in 1 ezysafe can opener opens jars and bottles as well as cans. We also have a battery operated can opener.  If it is just a jar opener your after we have also catered for that. The first ezysafe can opener was one of our first products and is still very popular. All of the ezysafe products can be used right and left handed. Unfortunately you will not find our products in the shops or supermarkets as we choose to supply them on our web site only. Our battery can opener operates on 4 AA batteries as we found that models that only ran 2 were just not strong enough. The 2 manual ezysafe can openers are very easy to turn compared to your average can opener as long as you do not push down while opening the can. Our ezysafe jar opener actually has 8 sizes incorporated into it so it will assist on small bottles as well as the bigger jar lids.