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Ezi Aussie Prawn Peeler

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Ezi Aussie Prawn Peeler

Have you wasted time peeling prawns which are gobbled up in seconds?

There is an amazing Australian invention which peels prawns in an instant.

The Ezi Aussie Prawn Peeler peels and De-veins raw and cooked prawns and shrimps in a few easy motions.

No matter how big the prawn is.  

First remove the prawn head, using the blade on the base of the tool.

Next, push the point of the tool under the shell via the gastric tract (the vein).

Then lever the shell away leaving the peeled, De-veined prawn behind.

If you prefer to leave the last shell segment and tail on for presentation, simply press the point of the tool out at the last segment.

It De-veins and removes the shell, leaving the tail attached to the prawn meat.

The Ezi Aussie Prawn Peeler is designed and manufactured in Australia .

It is a single piece of injection molded, high impact styrene which is dishwasher safe and will last a lifetime.

It is the fastest, easiest way to peel prawns.

“It’s even got a built in bottle opener for barbeques!”

Ezi Aussie Prawn Peeler, made in Australia


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