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Ezysafe Square Containers 4 Set

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Ezysafe Square Containers 4 Set

Collapsible Kitchen products are a great way to save space in the everyday kitchen, units and Flats, in the Caravan or RV and when packing to go camping or to work.

Ezysafe square containers 4 set or tub set will save up to 60% space

Sizes are of the Ezysafe square containers 4 set

1 x 110mm x 110mm x 80mm high 350ml, 

1 x 135mm x 135mm x 90mm high 770ml, 

1 x 150mm x 150mm x 90mm high 890ml, 

1 x 170mm x 170mm  x 90mm high 1270ml,

Ezysafe square collapsible containers 4 set are made from food grade silicone and stack flat, no BPA's great for the table, fridge, freezer and microwave, dishwasher safe.

When placeing them in the microwave leave the lid loose to allow pressure release

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