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Food Vacuum Canisters and Accessories

Food vacuum canisters are a great way to store liquids and soft foods, with food lasting 3 -4 times longer than a normal container. Licuids and soft foods can be hard to get right in a food vacuum sealer and are much easier to vacuum in a vacuum container. Great for soups and stews, lettuce and salads, breads and cakes. Also great for cereal and grains that you may want to access regularly and re vacuum seal. If you love marinated meat or vegetables you can also do this in a vacuum canister, taking less than 1 hour to marinate under vacuum opposed to leaving it 24 hours. All our vacuum canisters come with there own hand pump but with the correct hose you can also use your vacuum sealer. The set of 2 vacuum canisters are European made, top quality More info on vacuum on vacuum canisters and how to use them as well as some truble shooting can be found here.