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Food Vacuum Roll Film & Bags

Our food vacuum sealing rolls and food vacuum sealing pre made pages are one of the largest selection in sizes. They are all BPA free. Having a dimple or embossed layer 100 micron on one side and a smooth side 80 micron thick. All our food vacuum rolls and bags are suitable for Sous Vide cooking or boil in the bag. The bags are made from 7 layers, some have qualities for strength and some have qualities for selaing. The vacuum sealer bags and rolls are suitable for both small domestic vacuum sealer and commercial vacuum sealers. The suppliers of our quality vacuum sealer roll film and pre made bags are Food Vacuum Sealers Australia. More info on vacuum sealing and vacuum sealing products, and bulk quantities of vacuum sealer bags and rolls are avalible at . The below listings have a drop down menue to increase the number of rolls which will decrease the price per roll or packet of bags