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Vacuum Sealer Products

Food vacuum sealing is now the most popular ways to keep your food fresher, longer. Also eliminating freezer burn. What once used to be only done in butcher shops and commercial kitchens, is now wide spread in the home kitchen. When food is vacuum sealed it will keep its feshness and texture in the freezer for up to 5 years. Our wide range of vacuum sealers include a portable 12v vacuum sealer, domestic vacuum sealer and a commercial grade vacuum sealer. We also supply food vacuum canisters for marinating and keeping liquid and soft foods fresher longer. Our rang also includes one of the biggest selections of vacuum sealing roll film and vacuum sealing pre made bags. Vacuum sealing was once consider only for meat but now we see vegetables also vacuum sealed along with house hold items to keep them from rusting or tarnishing. Vacuuming seal phones and equipment when out on the water. More info on food vacuum sealing and food vacuum sealing products as well as spare parts are avalible at Including commercial vacuum sealers. If in New Zealand you can also find these products at