Reusable Cable Ties 450mm | Collapsible Compact Caravan Accesories And Kitchenware

Reusable Cable Ties 450mm

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Black Reusable Cable Ties 450mm. UV Rated. Can be reused any where upto 100 times. Great for the innviroment and great for the pocket.

Specifications of Reusable Cable Ties 450mm

  • Qty 25
  • Length 450mm
  • Width 8mm
  • UV rated
  • Carry upto 20kg

Uses of Reusable Cable Ties 450mm

  • Tie up hoses and power leads
  • Tieing down tarps and awenings
  • Holding equipment to roof racks and bull bars
  • Holding up camp lights and cables
  • That extra hand to hold something
  • Great in the garden at home
  • Join them together to make them longer
  • Carrying fire wood bundles


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