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Galvanized Steel Screw Pegs

  • $19.95

Galvanized Steel Screw Pegs For Hard Soil Areas

Galvanized steel screw pegs by supa pegs are a great replacement for any standard pegs where the conditions are too hard for most standard pegs or any firm soil conditions. They are 220mm long and will screw deep into the ground for maximum holding capability. A handy 13mm hex head is at the top so you can use a standard cordless drill to screw it in. Just loop the guy rope around plastic top to secure your tent.

This version of Galvanized Steel Screw Pegs has a head that enables you to drill the peg into the ground without the head spinning so the rope can stay attached to the peg.
This design gives a direct advantage over similar pegs on the market.

  • Galvanized Steel Screw Pegs
  • Hook guy rope attachment
  • Suits firm to very hard ground
  • Superior design
  • New head design that does not spin with the peg
  • Made in Australia


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