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Hand Held Cord/Hose Reel

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Hand Held Cord/Hose Reel

Hand Held Cord/Hose Reel Provides a quick and easy solution for storing, organising, and using your extension cords or hoses, the Heavy-Duty Hand Held Cord/Hose Reel from SUNRISE OUTDOORS is a perfect solution. The thermoplastic design provides shatter and temperature resistance for long-lasting use year after year. Easily wind and unwind cord with the help of the hand-slide mechanism. 

Hand Held Cord/Hose Reel comes complete with waterproof carry bag

Features of Hand Held Cord/Hose Reel:

  • Few moving parts means LONG LIFE
  • Will hold up to 50m of Electrical Extension cord or 20m of 13mm hose
  • Central free spinning handle design make winding up an extension cord quick and easy
  • Plug capture holes allow you to store the outlet end of your extension cord/hoses for ease of access
  • Built-in stand keeps the unit upright
  • Constructed of shatter and temperature resistant thermoplastic for long life
  • Can be used both RIGHT and Left-handed

Hand Held Cord/Hose Reel

  • Sick of tangled, kinked and hard to reach power cords in the caravan?
  • Is your power cord or hoses having a party in your caravan boot?
  • Want to spend less time setting up and packing up mode, be the organised one and spend more time relaxing with friends and family?


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