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Status Minivac Vacuum sealer

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Status Minivac Vacuum Sealer

  • European designed, Cryovac machine.
  • Compact, very easy to operate and quiet.
Our smallest food vacuum sealing machine that we supply, the Status Minivac Vacuum Sealer. From Status, manufactured in Slovenia, Europe, with automatic one button operation and super quiet rotary pump.

Status Minivac Vacuum Sealer is fantastic for small dwellings, city apartments, the caravan, motor home and on the boat. Drawing just 100 watts, it can be run from a small inverter. It is compact but still offers all the benefits of storing food in vacuumed bags for your everyday convenience or long term storage.

Save time and money by vacuum sealing your food. Storing in a vacuum bag prolongs the foods shelf life up to 5 times longer than normal storage. 

Rolls of Vacuum Sealing Film can be cut to size to make bags for storing and
freezing, or you can use our Pre-Made Bags.


  • Fits up to 30cm wide rolls and bags
  • Easy 1 button operation
  • Super quiet rotary pump
  • Automatic and manual mode 
  • Air extraction 9 litres per minute
  • Vacuum pressure 55 kpa/-550 mbar
  • 100 Watt / 240 V
  • 1-year warranty

We stock spare parts for all of our vacuum sealers. 

Status Minivac Vacuum Sealer Not suitable for canisters.

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Status Minivac Vacuum Sealer

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