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Rain Saver Gutter and Accessories

Rain Saver Gutter Kits and Accessories now avalible online. All these products are an Australian Design and Australian made by Rain Saver Gutter. Now the owner of this company, Michael, who runs it as a Brisbane based family business, is no stranger to Caravaning. As Michael says "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" Due to there love of Caravaning and being able to do a lot of free camping the need for water was the only thing holding them back. So Good old Australian ingenuity saw the making of the rainsaver gutter kit. Over the years they have also designed a few others like an affordable anti flap kit, a couple of very ingenious hooks for the awning, one to hold it down in the wind and one to hang clothes etc.. on. Also the ingenious Caravan door extension latch. Rain Saver Gutter does have there own web site but you can purchase direct from us at the same great price