Reusable Cable Ties | Collapsible Compact Caravan Accesories And Kitchenware

Reusable Cable Ties

Sick of cutting cable ties off and throwing them away only to pull out another one to put in the same place. Well no more, with reusable cable ties you can use them again, again and again. These reusable cable ties are teated with carbon so they are UV rated and can be used up to 100 times depending on how you use them. ennviromentally friendly. Holding up to 20KG in weight they come in convinient packs of 250ml, 350ml and 450ml. Or just be done with it and buy our mixed pack for caravaners, campers and travelers. Use them for holding roled up hoses and extension cords together. Fantastic for quick tie downs and holding tarps. Hang your lights and cords up in the caravan awneing or tent. Reusable cable ties are widely used as garden ties as well. STOP THROWING AWAY CABLE TIES AFTER ONE USE NOW !!!!!!!!!!