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Silicone Food Covers

Silicone food covers have got to be the safest and most durable innovative kitchenware on the market today. BPA free the fresh lids can be used on the table or in the fridge. The ezi seal lids are most popular in the microwave or as a fry pan splatter guard, but also make a great pot lid or a lid for a bowl on the table at serve up time. Ezi seal lids with stand heat up to 240 deg, so can also be used in the oven instead of tin foil, our rectangle ezi seal lid is great for casarrole dishes in the oven. Do you like to cook a lot of pasta or rice and always get that boil over. Try the anti spill or Koucblume lid and it will never happen again. The anti spill lid can also be used as a steamer.