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Silicone Fresh Lids Flexifit

Silicone fresh lids, also known as flexi fit lids, are 100% food grade silicone and BPA free. They replace gladwrap and can be used time and tim again. Just stretch them over the top of bowls instaed of gladwrap, even put them over the ends of cut vegetables and fruit, also very popular as a lid on an open can. Silicone fresh lids come in a range of sizes sold as a 5 pack. The smallest size is extremely popular for fruit, vegetables and cans so you can buy these as a 2 pack. When applying the fresh lid to bowls the sides of the bowl must be free of any water, juice or oil so they can bond to the kitchen container or bowl. Used in combination with the ezi seal lids you have the most innovative kitchenware covers on the market.