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BJ Enterprises and Marketing have been members of the Caravan and Camping Industry Association since 2015. As a result they keep us upto date with there up coming shows and advertising campaigns to boost the industry.

On these pages we will post updates of the current and past advertising. We will also keep you up to date with there up coming shows.

Updated 24/02/2021

Newcastle Caravan show has been given the go ahead by the health department. 5 - 7 Febuary 2021. We are on Stand 412 on the side of the entertainment center where you head into the center ring. ( Canceled due to Covid )

Sydney Caravan Super show hs been announced, 13th - 18th April 2021 and we will let you know our stand number as soon as we get confirmation.

UPDATE 24/02/21

Preperation for the Sydney caravan super show is well under way. We have once again secured TV celebrity chef, Fast Ed (Ed Halmagyi), to conduct
cooking demonstrations daily at the Supershow. Please note :- Online ticketing for the Supershow will be live on 16 March. Due to COVID-19, ticketing will be on-line only this year. Ticketing will be day-specific (when you
purchase a ticket, you need to purchase for a specific day). Visitor numbers will be capped each day, based on the current regulations at the time of the event. This is to ensure that CCIANSW bring you a safe inviroment to enjoy the exhibition.

Illawarra Caravan show has been announced, 2nd - 4th July 2021 and we will let you know our stand number as soon as we get confirmation.

Canberra Caravan show has been announced, 22nd - 24th October 2021 and we will let you know our stand number as soon as we get confirmation.


With the overseas travel still being heavily restricted the caravan industry is reporting a huge increase in caravan sales. Some of the Caravan yards look like they are empty due to demand. Also caravan parks are reporting heavy bookings as people are staying in Australia to travel. Some places are reporting that over 50% of occupants are first time Caravaners and from the same state, as people either can not or will not travel interstate. Overall it is good for the industry. For us, over 2020 we have increased traffic to our online shop and increased sales by around 50%. Due to increased online shopping and we also have had more time to spend promoting our online shop.

Merry Christmas Everyone