Collapsible Cookware

How Collapsible Cookware Makes Camping More Family-Friendly in Australia

If you’re the appointed camp chef for your family’s next camping trip, you probably already have an extensive checklist of must-have items to stock in your caravan or camper. While it is important to remember all the essential, must-have ingredients and snacks to keep everyone in your family fed and happy, you may not be aware that you can leave the bulky pots and pans at home and make better use of your space with collapsible camping cookware available in Australia through BJ Enterprises. With our Ezysafe compact and collapsible silicone cookware, your next trip could be made easier than ever before!

The Healthy Solution for Cooking While Camping

Many families binge on chips, trail mix and marshmallows while camping because they view these as an easy and no-fuss alternative to cooked camp meals. While these snack foods may be tasty in moderation, they are not particularly healthy, and after a few days, your family will likely be looking for something a bit more substantial.

Just like with standard kitchenware, you have many options when it comes to camping cookware in Australia. Yet not all cookware is made to suit all types of camping or is made to the same standards of quality. That’s why it pays to compare your options to make sure you are making the right choice.

If quality and health are your top priorities, BJ Enterprise’s Ezysafe cookware excels on both counts. With Ezysafe, you’ll have a simple and healthier alternative to camp junk food, with fresh-cooked foods prepared and stored using Ezysafe camping cookware. You will be able to prepare more satisfying and nutritious meals outdoors using our safe food-grade plastics and silicone free of any BPAs.

The Benefits of Collapsible Cookware When Camping

At BJ Enterprises, our trademarked Ezysafe cookware is ideal for families of all sizes and camping trips of any type or duration. With our compact, travel-ready kitchenware, you can make the most of the limited space you have available within your camper or caravan, which means more space for the rest of your camp gear and more comfort for your family. All our collapsible silicone cookware is made with camping in mind, yet our products are so durable and made of such high-quality materials that you could use them in your own home or flat when not travelling as a convenient space-saving solution when your pantry or kitchen space is limited.

Collapsible cookware for camping is a sensible solution for those who have felt that getting a healthy, hot meal while outdoors is too much of a hassle. Some of our most popular products include the Ezysafe Can Opener and our collapsible storage containers, both of which make getting the nutritious camping foods you want easier than with bulky traditional kitchen cookware.

You can purchase any of our products online and have them promptly shipped to you anywhere in Australia, or visit us at any of the many tradeshows we take part in each year if you’d like to see some of our camping cookware in person before you buy.