Covid & Delivery Info

Covid & Delivery information for our day to day running of the business

BJ Enterprises and Marketing, also trading as Food vacuum sealers Australia and Ezysafe, is situated in a small country village on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia, called Bulahdelah.

We are approximately 250kms north of Northern Sydney and 100kms north of Newcastle. Population approx. 1100. To date (11/08/21) we have had no covid cases scenes the start of 2020 and our little village is vigilant in keeping it out. All our stock is trucked in with no contact receiving so I do not travel out of the area to collect incoming stock. Our office and order processing is done by myself (Bryce) and my partner (Katrina) and we do not employ anybody from outside Bulahdelah if we need assistance. We are no longer doing any trade shows, the last ones were Rosehill in April, and Maitland in May, and when it is safe to do so we will only be doing a few in NSW with companies that run a top grade covid safe environment. We don’t expect this will be until well into 2022

Both myself (BJ) and my partner (Kat) have been vaccinated. Gypsy, my daughter has had her first jab. Weather you think it is a good choice or not, this was our decision to keep ourselves, our village and our business safe and operating.


So I can safely say that all orders and items are processed in a covid safe environment and we will do out bit to keep it this way.

Any further question please go to our contact page. We hope you have an easy and happy shopping experience on both our web sites

Stay safe and see you on the other side of this crazy world we are living in at the moment

Regards Bryce and Katrina

Covid and delivery update 3rd September 2021

We are still operating as normal and your orders are still going out every week day at 10am.

The recent announcement from Australia Post that they are stopping pickups, DOES NOT APPLY TO US. They do not provide that service in Bulahdelah so we take your orders to the PO ourselves. Bulahdelah post office is still open and trading as normal in a covid safe manner. Deliveries from Australia post to you are not stopping and are proceeding as normal.

Australia post is however in overload with increased on-line shopping and there maybe some delays to normal delivery times. If you have not received your order after 15 days, please contact us immediately and we will start an investigation. If we determine you parcel is lost, we will resend it and claim compensation from Aus post. This ensures that you will get what you order and we deal with Aus post not you. If your parcel turns up damaged or broken, please contact us straight away with photos and we will replace it free of charge.

I hope this puts your mind at rest that you will receive what you pay for when shopping with us and have a positive shopping experience.

UPDATE 18/08/2021

So being in NSW we are now in lock down as of Monday the 16th August 2021.

As we are a home based business and we have no employees, just myself and my partner, Katrina, This will have no effect on our day to day running. So business as usual and your orders will continue to be processed every work day.

Our local Post Office is still open and operating under the NSW health, covid regulations. 

Rest assured we will get your orders out to you save and sound.