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It’s a sad fact of life that we just don’t drink enough water. Water has so many benefits: it helps our digestive system, replenishes our skin, keeps us hydrated, promotes weight loss, it removes toxins from our body, to name just a few things. Having a constant supply of water around, however, can be difficult. Often, we’re just too busy to regularly go to the water fountain at work and at school teachers frown on students getting up to get water during class. Water bottles are the answer, of course, but can be difficult to carry around all day especially when they are empty or when you are travelling.

One answer is a BJ Enterprises’ collapsible silicone water bottle. It’s a foldable water bottle made of platinum silicone, is BPA free and doesn’t leach. It’s perfect for the gym bag, the school backpack, your office desk or personal knapsack. It’s extremely handy when camping or hiking as it is lightweight and takes up little space when you’re not using it. It’s a collapsible water bottle that will help ensure you drink more water.

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As mentioned above, we can all probably drink more water. It’s health benefits are indeed quite amazing.

Athletes and runners know that if you don’t stay hydrated, your physical performance suffers. Yet, the same thing is true for those not engaged in exercise. When the temperature is particularly hot and humid, our bodies lose fluids, resulting in feeling sluggish and tired.

Being dehydrated also has significant effects on our ability to perform mental tasks. Even mild dehydration can impair our thought processes and may even lead to feelings of anxiety and fatigue. When children don’t get enough to drink it can have a direct impact on their moods. Dehydration can also lead to headaches, while it obviously doesn’t cause every kind of headache, drinking water has been shown to help limit a headache’s duration.

And here’s an easy weight loss tip. If you drink half a litre of water, it will increase your metabolism by 24% to 30% for an hour and a half. If you drink 2l of water a day, you burn an extra 100 calories a day. If you’re on a diet, and you drink half a litre of water before a meal, you will lose almost 50% more weight. Make sure the water is cold – your body will also burn extra calories heating the water.

Drink more water using our collapsible bottles

Our collapsible drink bottle can help you attain many of the benefits mentioned above. If you’re able to carry a collapsible bottle with you, it is likely that you will greatly enhance your water intake. You’ll feel less tired, have more energy, and maybe even lose some weight. Not to mention that our collapsible silicone water bottle is made of platinum silicone, is BPA free and won’t leach. If you’re interested in increasing your water intake in an easy-to-carry container, contact us today. We offer great service and affordable prices.