Vacuum Sealers

Food Vacuum Sealers Australia provide top quality vacuum sealers at affordable prices. Thes are our domestic machines and come from either ZeroPak in New Zealand or Status in Slovinia, Europe. We do stock spare parts for all our domestic food vacuum sealers. All our vacuum sealers are 90% repairable. ZeroPak come with a 12 month warranty and Status come with a 2 year warranty.

Food Vacuum Sealers Australia

Food vacuum sealers Australia, also known as BJ Enterprises and Marketing has been in business foe over 12 years and been involved in vacuum sealing and food presivation for over 10 years. If you have any questions at all please contact us  about our products and how to use them.

ZeroPak From New Zealand

ZeroPak has been supplying vacuum sealers and accessories for over 10 years. They run a high quality family business out of Coopers Beach, Northland. With there full support of there ZeroPak vacuum sealers and other brands, we can give a service that is second to none.

Status, Slovenia

Status was founded in 1995 and now supplies there Status food vacuum sealers to over 40 countries. Also a family business and although they are on the other side of the world there supply and technical surport is also second to none.

In our line up of domestic machines we have a small affordable model to start out with. We also have a 12 volt model for the traveller and outdoor type. Liquid can be a big issue when vacuum sealing so we have models with filters to protect the pump.