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1 - 2 - 3 Knife Sharpener

  • $14.95

3 in 1 hand held knife sharpener

3 slot draw through knife sharpener provides fast, precision sharpening.

With spare head. 21cm long

1. Tungsten steel (medium), Creates that perfect V edge too the blade for precise cutting.

2. Ceramic stone (fine), For that smooth edge honing.

3. Ceramic stone (extra fine) For the final honing

Features an ergonomically designed handle for a firm grip and non-slip base providing a steady platform when sharpening.

The perfect tool for maintaining sharp knives.

Sharpening blades of all shapes and sizes.

Simple to use, the sharpener features a preset sharpening angle.

Just insert your blade into the device and use downward force to run the knife through the sharpener.

Run through the device three or four times to get the desired sharpness back into your blade.

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