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Awning Leg Anchor Kit

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Awning Leg Anchor Kit

Awning leg anchor kit is a highly resistant screw peg, ideal for Fiamma awnings and the like, also enclosures and mats. Sturdy and easy to use. Made of tough UV resistant plastic. You can screw them in the ground manually by using the special attachment handle included or by using the drill attachment, also included. They are lighter than the standard metal pegs and have a higher resistance thanks to the new spiral design. Suitable for all types of soil and sand.
Easy to extract by unscrewing them.

Awning leg anchor kit includes:

  • 8 x screw in Pegs 12 cm long
  • 2 x Awning Plates
  • 1 Manual peg screw in handle
  • 1 Drill peg screw in attachment