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Beach Screw Peg 300mm

  • $6.95

Beach Screw Peg 300mm

Single Peg. For Sand And Soft Soil Areas

Beach Screw Peg 300mm, Single Peg For Sand And Soft Soil Areas. Beach Screw Peg 300mm is each 300mm long. Made from 100% high impact plastic for superior strength and will last longer. It has a 15mm shaft and 50mm auger, it easily screws into sand and loose soil. The head of the peg has a 24mm socket so you can use a cordless drill to put the peg in the ground and 2 large hooks to secure your awning or tent.

Beach Screw Peg 300mm FEATURES

  • Strong high impact plastic
  • Large hooks
  • Eye as well
  • Great for any tents or awnings
  • Vertical rope setup so no trip hazard.
  • Peg is 300mm long


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