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Caravan Awning Anti-Flap Kit

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Caravan awning anti-flap kit

The caravan awning anti-flap kit pack contains 4 multipurpose tarp gripers and 4 bungee cords. Attach the 4 multipurpose tarp grippers at each side of your caravan awning, 2 to each of the sides, space them about 1 third of the distance apart. Feed the bungee cord through the hole on the tarp gripper, around the caravan awning arm and onto the hook on the tarp gripper. This will hold your awning and greatly reduce flapping in the wind and in the rain.

Very handy for those windy days and nights to reduce the noise of the awning flapping in the wind. It will also reduce the stress on your awning itself.

Caravan awning anti-flap kit includes

  • 4 x multipurpose tarp grippers.
  • 4 x bungee ball cords 20 cm long.

Caravan awning anti-flap kit