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Caravan Door Latch Extender

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Caravan door latch extender

100% designed and manufactured in Australia.
Have you ever been caught out caravanning on those hot and humid evenings when you want to open all the windows and the door to let the van ventilate and cool down overnight? 
But when the door is open, the window behind the door can’t open because the caravan door up against it.
The caravan door latch extender is able to attach to your existing caravan door latch and adjust to several lengths to allow for different degrees of window openings. The end with the screw and bolt has 2 different sides to accommodate a smaller or larger loop in the latch on the caravan door. 
The caravan door latch extender allows for an extension of up to 280 mm. This will suit most caravans, but it may not suit all. You will need to measure the angle if you are not sure. 

    As we find different models of caravans that the caravan door latch extender may not solve the problem for or may need 2 caravan door latches, we will list them here to let you know.
    Comfort Detour 18.2 LS off-road, 2016., Jayco Journey require 2 caravan door latch extenders to open the window Fully. 1 caravan door extender will only allow the window to partly open.

    Caravan door latch extender