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Collaosible Food Covers

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Collaosible Food Covers, Set Of 3

Collapsible food covers are just the thing for every outdoor gathering where food is being served. Also, can be used for protecting food inside the home. Collapses to less than 2cm for easy storage. Covers cakes, bowls or containers up to 18cm high. Keeps flies, insects and pets off your food

  • Collapsible Food Covers!
  • Keep Your Food Bug Free With This Set Of 3 Collapsible Food Covers
  • Perfect For Picnic And Outdoor Gathering
  • Folds Flat For Easy Storage
  • Protects your Food From Airborne Debris And Insects
  • Covers Bowls and Plates to Keep Out Pests, While Giving You a Clear View of The Food Underneath
  • Better Than Domes, The Sides Of These Covers Extend Straight Up Allowing For Layer Cakes, Bowls, Or Other Large Serving Pieces
  • Elastic String Keeps Your Covers Closed

Set includes

  • 3 x Collapsible food covers
  • green 31cm x 14cm  
  • red 35cm x 19cm
  • blue 39cm x 19cm

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