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Collapsible Colander, red

  • $9.95

Collapsible Colander, red.

The smart space saving idea.

Collapsible Colander, red is a great way to save space in the everyday kitchen, Units and Flats, in the Caravan or RV and when packing to go camping or to work. 

Made with food grade silicone Collapsible colander,red can withstand temperatures from -40 to 230 degrees Celsius.

Diamiter inside: 22cm

Diamiter outside handles included: 29cm

Hieght up: 13cm

Down: 3cm

Collapsible colander, red can be used for rinsing, straining and as a steamer in a saucepan.

Easy to clean (non-stick) and store (collapsible).

No carcinogens, BPA Free, does not leach. 

The Collapsible Colander, red collapses away to a fraction of the space of a normal colanders.

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