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Collapsible Square Colander

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Collapsible Square Colander.

The smart space saving idea. Fits in so many more palces being square.

Collapsible Square Colander is a great way to save space in the everyday kitchen, Units and Flats, in the Caravan or RV and when packing to go camping or to work. 

Diamiter inside: 19cm

Diamiter outside: 22cm, 29cm

Hieght up: 9cm

Down: 3cm

Can be used for rinsing, straining and as a steamer in a saucepan.

Easy to clean (non-stick) and store (collapsible).

No carcinogens, BPA Free, does not leach. 

The Collapsible Square Colander collapse away to a fraction of the space of a normal colanders.

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