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Easyklip Tarp Gripper

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Easyklip tarp gripper 

The Easyklip tarp gripper is designed specially to grip up to 6 mm thick materials.
It is reusable and is also relocatable. Sold as a pack of 4 Easyklip tarp grippers The harder the wind blows the tighter it will grip. Push the release bar down to detach it. Manufactured from tough nylon glassfibre, it is UV resistant and as tough as they come. With its rope and cord slot there are no hooks to weaken and break off. Flat slim and compact the Easyklip tarp gripper will store away in the smallest of places.

This is the ultimate tarp gripper. If they lock on, simply wedge a coin into them and twist (watch video). 5 times stronger than other tarp grippers.

Easyklip is perfect for.

  • Caravan awnings.
  • Tents.
  • Camping.
  • Marine use.
  • Heavy-duty signs.
  • Banner mounting.
  • General DIY.
  • Horticulture applications and
  • Stage / TV events.
  • One Easyklip can hold up to 100 kg.

Easyklip tarp gripper