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Ezysafe Bag Sealers, XL

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Ezysafe Bag Sealers, XL

8 Sticks, are all 8 are 28.5cm. Ezysafe Bag Sealers, XL

Slide on, Slide off, seals bags in a instant.

The Ezysafe Bag Sealers, XL design provides a simple, convenient, and easy way to close and reseal opened bags. Your food stays fresh for longer. Forget using Rubber Bands that snap and Pegs that break after a couple of uses. Ezysafe Bag Sealers, XL are made of tough durable plastic that won’t break. I have been using my Ezysafe Bag Sealers, XL for over 4 years and are still going strong. Can be used for sealing any plastic bags. Different lengths to fit different size bags. Easy to put on and take off, just fold the bag over and slide on. 100% air tight and water tight. Minimise wasted food. Food stored in Air tight bags lasts much longer. Great for Fridge, Freezer, Pantry, and household uses. Keeps your potato chips crispy. Durable and Reusable.

Dimensions: 8 x 28.5cm 

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