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Ezysafe Battery Can Opener

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Ezysafe battery can opener 

Ezysafe is one of Australia's best can openers, allowing you to open any can anywhere. No sharp edges and no mess. No sharp edges on the top of the can or the Ezysafe battery can opener or the lid of the can and very easy to use.  Reuse the can, and reuse the lid onto the can. Very easy to operate the Ezysafe battery can opener. The lid is separated from the can at the factory seal, so no sharp edges ever because it has not cut the can. No spilled food, and you can place the lid back on the can if you wish for storage, or you can reuse the can for storing screws or nails or pens, pencils or crayons for your children or office.

Video presentation to the left

The video to the left is of the tornado battery can opener which is the American version of our Ezysafe battery can opener. Ours is also blue and white not red and white

Ezysafe battery can opener operation

Just push the button. Locate it onto the rim of the can and push the white button, and it will drive itself around the can, undoing the seal as it goes. When it gets to the end you push the button again, and it reverses up and releases from the can. Remove the opener from the can then remove the lid.

Washing your Ezysafe battery can opener

Washing your Ezysafe battery can opener is done with a damp cloth or a brush if need be. Do not put your can opener in the dishwasher and do not sub merge it in the sink.

Batteries for your Ezysafe battery can opener

The Ezysafe battery can opener takes 4 AA batteries, works much better with Lithium batteries but a good quality Alkaline battery is OK. Eveready, Duracell, Energizer.

Ezysafe battery can opener has all the same great qualities of the manual Ezysafe can opener

  • Leaves no sharp edges 
  • Just locate it on the can and push the button
  • Couldn't get any easier 
  • This item only comes in blue and white

Ezysafe battery can opener