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Food Vacuum Bags Mixed

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Food Vacuum Bags Mixed

Embossed pre-made food vacuum bags Mixed

QTY 115 bags

  • 1 packet 15cm x 25cm, 50 bags
  • 1 packet 20cm x 28cm, 40 bags
  • 1 packet 28cm x 36cm, 25 bags

Can be used in a wide variety of vacuum sealers

Food Vacuum Bags Mixed , Superior, multi layer, high quality, conveniently cut to size 

Vacuum Bag Structure

  • 4-ply roll PA/PE
  • PA is Polyamide – this ensures impermeability
  • PE is Polyethylene – This ensures the quality of the sealed strip
  • The film thickness is 100 microns by 80 microns

All of our food vacuum rolls and food vacuum bags are internally embossed  which assists in removal all the air from inside the bag so food will last 5 times longer

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