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Food Vacuum Roll 10cmx8m

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Food Vacuum Roll 10cmx8m

Select number of rolls and price per roll becomes cheaper

High quality embossed food vacuum roll 10cmx8m

10cm wide, 8 meters total

Can be used in a wide variety of vacuum sealers

Fantastic for Salami and smaller amounts, Much less waistage 

Food Vacuum Roll 10cmx8m. Superior multilayer, high quality rolls you can conveniently cut to suit for size

Food Vacuum Roll 10cmx8m STRUCTURE

4-ply roll PA/PE
PA is Polyamide – this ensures impermeability
PE is Polyethylene – This ensures the quality of the sealed strip
The film thickness is 100 microns on dimple side and 80 microns on smooth side

All of our Food vacuum rolls and food vacuum bags are internally embossed so can be used in a wide variety of vacuum sealing machines



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