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Fresh Lids 2 x 6.5cm

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Fresh Lids 2 x 6.5cm, Flex fit Lids.

Fresh lids are fantastic for the smaller pieces of fruit and smaller tin can lids.
Fits up to 9.5cm.
Now the most widely used fresh lids 2 x 6.5cm for covering small fruit and vegetables, including half an onion, tomato, lemon, avocado, orange and capsicum.

For soft or odd shaped fruit leave a gap around the edge, as long as you place them face down in the fridge the silicone will seal up on the face.

When putting the fresh lids 2 x 6.5cm on fruit or vegetables, try and avoid contact between the edge of the lid and the cut face of the fruit or vegetable.

Also used for covering tin cans, glasses, and small containers for cheese, yoghurt and sour cream, packets of biscuits and rice wafers, or anything of a similar size.

No carcinogenic, BPA Free 

Fresh Lids 2 x 6.5cm, Flex fit Lids.