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Garlic Grater

  • $6.95

Multi Functional Ginger Garlic Grinding Grater Planer Slicer Mini Cutter Cooking Tool Compact Kitchen Utensils Kitchen Accessories 

This is a garlic grater with a removable hands-protecting cover. The cover can be installed to protect your hands when grinding or planning small things like garlic and removed to plane bigger things. Mini size and light weight make it easy for control and storage. It is a perfect cooking tool


Garlic Grater 14cm x 4cm

Garlic, ginger, cheese, and more

Colour is Geen
Removable cover to protect your hands, multifunctional and safer for use.
Mini size and light weight, easy to control.
Sharp stainless steel grind board, easy to grate.
Perfect mini cooking tool.

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