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Gazebo Saver

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Gazebo Saver

Why let a rainy day at the markets or campsite spoil your set up when it rains? Simply pop a Gazebo Saver in each corner of your marquee or gazebo to stop water from pooling and destroying your marquee and day or even profits at a market.

The set of Gazebo savers are made from glass-filled polypropylene plastic right here in Australia, so it has the strength and ability to attach it to your marquee or gazebo frame. It props up the corners of your marquee or gazebo and holds the roof tight, so when it rains, water won’t gather in the corners and weigh down the roof which will eventually rip the roof top or bend the frame work of the marquee. Also known as the marquee monkey.

Gazebo Saver FEATURES

  • Comes with handy carry mesh carry bag
  • Anti-water pooling device
  • Glass-filled polypropylene plastic
  • Strong yet flexible  
  • Add one to each corner of your gazebo

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