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Grey Water Hose Bag

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Grey Water Hose Bag

  • Are you sick of tangled, kinked and hard to reach grey water hoses in the caravan?
  • Is your grey water hoses having a party in your caravan boot?
  • Want to spend less time setting up and packing up mode, be the organised one and spend more time relaxing with friends and family?

 At last, here is a convenient solution!! The grey water hose bag

The grey water hose bag will carry your grey water hose, keeping it neat, tidy and readily accessible when you pull up. It takes up less room in the caravan boot, freeing up space for other travelling necessities.

  • The grey water hose bag is free draining and moisture resistant.
  • Carries up to 15 metres of 30mm sullage hose.
  • Actual bag size - 400mm x 160mm
  • Strong carry strap on the side
  • Made from durable 70 percent woven shade material
  • Manufactured from UV stabilised high density woven polyethylene
  • NOTE :- Grey water hose is not included with your Grey Water Hose bag

Grey Water Hose Bag

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