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Quokka Folding Fire Pit

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Quokka Folding Fire Pit

Quokka Folding Fire Pit, ll. Comes in 2 sizes, medium 48cm and large 53cm

New revolutionary design, so compact and light, yet it will be the best camp fire and cooking area you have ever owned. The Quokka Folding Fire Pit II has now arrived with a new stainless-steel base and roll formed body panels for that added strength and longevity  

The new Quokka Folding Fire Pit is fantastic for camp oven cooking, frying up a steak or creating that perfect mood and keeping warm around the camp. It is just the greatest camping fire pit.

Charcoal and BBQ fuel as well as fire wood can be used in the pits and they will not buckle or warp. The grill has three adjustment levels making sure you have the right heat for your tucker.

The fire is elevated and confined and on enquiry may be used in some places where ground fires are not permitted. Use your Quokka Folding Fire Pit in your back yard and take them to your favourite picnic destination and on camping trips, cook up your roasts outside in summer and keep your house cool.

When you have finished cooking simply remove the grill, load some wood on top and stand around the fire and cook up some marshmallows with the kids.

The Quokka Folding Fire Pit and legs are made from 201 stainless steel (industrial grade) and the cooking grill and grill cradle are made from 304 stainless steel (food grade). The base plate is stainless steel and the internal fire grid is cast.

Once finished with simply fold it up slide it into the bag and store it. Once folded the fire pits are small enough to keep in your caravan, motorhome car boot and four-wheel drive. and weigh only M 9kg and L12.5kg.

Comes in two sizes, Quokka Folding Fire Pit Medium and Quokka Folding Fire Pit Large. The legs of the fire pit are anchored by clips on the stainless-steel base plate for ensured sturdiness and portability.

The Quokka Folding Fire Pit II has roll formed pit panels, a new stronger and cleaner design a step ahead of the spot-welded panels on previous models.

 The Quokka Folding Fire Pit Pack Includes:

Stainless Steel Grill Cradle

Stainless Steel Grill 

Stainless Steel Fire Pit

Cast Fire Grid

Stainless Steel Base Plate

Quality Carry Bag


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