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Rain Saver Gutter Kit

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Rain saver gutter kit

Yes, this is the original rain saver gutter kit 

Designed to go onto the existing flap on your awning and fill you water tanks while you get a shower of rain. A must have for any free campers as you are usually governed how long you can stay by how long your water will last. 

Rain saver gutter kit consists of

  • 10 gutter clips, standard pack.
  • Bucket with pre-stamped hole and lid.
  • Bucket fitting with O-ring.
  • Snap on hose connector.
  • 3 ball bungee cords.
  • Installation instructions.
  • Purchase with or without filter.

Rain saver gutter kit numbers to suit van/awning sizes are approximate and dependent on length, thickness and style of awning valance fabric

  • 10 clips suits - up to approx. 4 m awning
  • 12 clips suits - up to approx. 5 m awning
  • 14 clips suits - up to approx. 6 m awning 
  • 16 clips suits - up to approx. 7 m awning 
  • 18 clips suits - up to approx. 8 m awning

Rain saver gutter kit