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Rain Saver Gutter Kit

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Rain Saver Gutter Kit

Yes, This Is The Original Rain Saver Gutter Kit contains:

Designed to go onto the existing flap on your awning and fill you water tanks while you get a shower of rain. A must have for any free campers as you are usually governed how long you can stay by how long your water will last. 

Rain Saver Gutter Kit Consists of

  • 10 Gutter Clips, standard pack
  • Bucket with pre-stamped hole and lid
  • Bucket fitting with O-ring
  • Snap on hose connector
  • 3 Ball Bungee Cords
  • Installation instructions

Rain Saver Gutter Kit numbers to suit van/awning sizes are approximate and dependent on length, thickness and style of awning valance fabric

  • 10 Clips SUITS - up to approx. 4m awning
  • 12 Clips SUITS - up to approx. 5m awning
  • 14 Clips SUITS - up to approx. 6m awning 
  • 16 Clips SUITS - up to approx. 7m awning 
  • 18 Clips SUITS - up to approx. 8m awning


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