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Silicone Chopping Board

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Silicone Chopping Board

30.5cm x 24cm x 0.5cm Made from food grade silicone.

This is not just a silicone chopping board, it has a wide range of uses as it can stand -40 deg upto 250 deg. Use it in the freezer and the oven as well as a chopping board, being silicone it is hostil to bacteria so it is more hygenic than wood or plastic. it can be used as a hot plate stand or trivet. Non slip mat for your Induction cook top. So many uses for the silicone chopping board

It also has a 20cm ruler marked on it for convienience

  • Made of food grade silicone, easy to clean, non stick surface.

  • Flexible material. Durable and high quality construction. 

  • Used widely for cutting fish, meat, vegetables, fruits as well as kneading dough etc. 

  • Can be hang with a hole in order to keep dry and clean. Contrary to wood chopping boards, this chopping surface won't dull knives.

  • Use flat on counter for cutting; bend for food transfer. This multipurpose chopping mat protects countertops while preparing foods, cooling baked foods or carving meat.

  • Enjoy easier, safer and more efficient food preparation with this Flexible Slicing Cutting Silicone Chopping Board Mat. 

It is not just a silicone chopping board, it is so much more

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