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ZeroPak 12 Volt Dual Vac

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ZeroPak 12 Volt Dualvac

12 Volt and 240 Volt in the one unit 

Compact And Easy To Use. The ZeroPak 12 Volt Dualvac is quiet operation with touch sensitive controls. Ideal for home traveling or out hunting and fishing
With all the functions of any of the machines on the market put into the one model.
The ZeroPak 12 volt Dualvac is ideal for small city apartments, the caravan, motor home, on the boat and out in the field fishing and hunting. 
Save time and money with the ZeroPack 12 volt Dualvac by vacuum packing your foodstuffs. Storing in vacuum prolongs the food´s shelf life up to 5 times. Use it for vacuum packing dried and fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, and nuts. Also the ZeroPak 12 volt Dualvac is great for liquids like soups and stews. Pre prepare meals to boil in the bag when traveling. ZeroPak 12 volt Dualvac can be used manually also which gives you greater control over the machine. The ZeroPak 12 volt Dualvac is also compatible with canisters and comes with a canister hose
Rolls of 15cm, 20cm or 28cm wide Vacuum Sealing Film can be cut to size to make bags for storing and freezing, or you can use our Pre-Made Bags.

The ZeroPak 12 volt Dualvac comes with 2 power cords (12 volt, 240 volt), vacuum hose for canisters, user manual and 5 pre-made bags, 2 meters 20cm roll film, built in bag cutter, 1 year warranty

ZeroPak 12 volt Dualvac Features:

  • 12 volt 240 volt operation
  • Detachable power cords
  • Easy 1 button operation (auto function)
  • Manual over ride
  • 304 stainless lid, ABS body
  • Sleek light weight design, 1.4Kg
  • Dry and moist settings
  • Quick marinade button
  • Over heat protection
  • Air extraction 8 liters per minute
  • Vacuum pressure 70 kpa/-700mbar
  • Low noise 120 Watt 
  • Built in cutter
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dimensions 380 x 150 x 78 mm

The ZeroPak 12 volt Dualvac is repairable and serviceable.   We stock spare parts for all our machines including the ZeroPak 12 volt Dualvac

ZeroPak 12 Volt Dualvac